Modica Chocolate is one of the most significant agro-food excellences in Sicily. The historic and renowned Chocolate of Modica IGP, already in 1746, was consumed by the local elite and preferably in two distinct moments of the day: when waking up and in the evening saloon meetings, using beautiful silver chocolatiers.

The Modica Chocolate is recognized and distinguished thanks to the refined scent of spices and its typical grainy consistency.
The so-called "cold" processing, which does not include the "concaggio" phase, is singular; it allows only cocoa butter to reach the melting point and not even to the sugar, whose crystals give the chocolate its typical graininess. Passages at high temperatures are therefore avoided, to preserve the properties naturally contained in the cocoa mass, such as flavonoids, antioxidants that help, to regulate the pressure, improve arterial function and decrease the calcifying plaques at the coronary level. The appearance of a white patina on the surface of chocolate, following the resurfacing of cocoa butter, is typical of this process.

Created with this particular processing and with the use of only genuine ingredients, Modica Chocolate possesses high nutritional and organoleptic properties. Contains Phenyl ethylamine (favours the sense of happiness and contentment), Serotonin (induces serenity), caffeine and Theo bromine (makes you watchful), andammide (brings energy and concentration), Phosphorus (helps memory).

ADVICE ON USE: combined with a liqueur wine such as NERO D'AVOLA, or surprisingly with "TEQUILA". As a drink, dissolved in water or milk, or as a pudding. Excellent also in cappuccino, finely grated.


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