Sweet Barchette

Our Sweet Barchette are the ideal base for homemade creams: try it with light fruit creams or, for the sweet tooth, with ricotta, chocolate or custard.

Sweet Tartellette

Sweet Tartellette are an excellent accompaniment for sweet creams; keep their fragrance intact with any accompaniment and stimulate the imagination of those who love to create a dessert that is always new and original.

Salted Barchette Classic taste

Salted Barchette Classic taste are an element that cannot miss for dinners or appetizers: ideal to be filled with creams of all kinds, thanks to their delicacy lend themselves to match with every flavour.

Salted Barchette with Rosemary

The Salted Rosemary Barchette are perfect to create tasty appetizers of all kinds. To try with a spreadable cheese and vegetables, with creams based on potatoes or with crisp vegetables.

Salted Barchette with Olives

Salted Barchette with Olives are a tasty base for various snacks. Perfect to create delicious recipes, allow you to create many recipes. To try with salty creams, delicate cheeses and vegetables.

Salted Salmon Barchette

Salmon Salted Barchette are a tasty base for recipes based on Salmon and not only: try the different combinations, with a spreadable cheese and smoked salmon, swordfish or raw vegetables.


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